Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dog days in San Lorenzo

This appears to be the designated run at Evolución for small, shaggy mutts - definitely my type!

A veterinary student and the coordinator of adoptions at work
Been back a little over a week now. Out of the habit of blogging after so long away, but still feel the urge to share sights and sounds and experiences. On this trip I am finally getting around to seeing and doing things that I've been planning for years, in some cases.

 One of those things is walking dogs at the Evolución shelter in the Pueblo of San Lorenzo. Man, there are a lot of dogs there. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but they seem to get along.

 People bring their unwanted dogs to the gate of the shelter. Others are found abandoned, like the box of puppies a friend and her daughter found on the corner near the shelter. We walked four of those ones. I also walked a huge friendly doberman that was so excited to get exercise that he nearly yanked my arms off for the first half of the outing.

 The other two that I walked were very cute, medium-sized shorthairs. They were afraid to be leashed and taken out of the small run they shared with their litter mates. They cowered on the road when I first set them down outside the front gate, and could not be coaxed or dragged to walk along.

 So I had to carry each one until we were well outside the town, on a quiet road where no traffic or other noise could scare them. Quite quickly they turned giddy, zig-zagging and dancing to the end of their tether, twisting around our legs, nipping and jumping on their siblings.

 By the time we got them back to the shelter they were relaxed starting to get the hang of walking on a leash. Back inside the compound the whiskery female stayed close by, lying at our feet. She even stretched and rolled over for a belly rub - a real display of trust.

 I felt we'd accomplished something, maybe even helped make these gentle animals more easily adoptable to a permanent home. It was also nice to have a bit of dog time, as I miss our terrible twosome back home in Victoria.

 They welcome volunteer walkers at Evolución on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. If you decide to go, plan to spend a couple of hours.


  1. Debbie, it was great to finally meet you, even if we didn't know we were going to!!
    Next time, more time, ok?

    Evolución is definitely on our list. Part of me can't wait and the other part thinks that I will not be able to resist taking a dog home. We always wanted a third, though...

  2. Debbie, Thanks for posting this thoughtfully written piece about Evolucion.
    I think I already told you that one of the smooth coated brown and white brothers, Luca or Gino might be adopted. I will find out when I go there on Wednesday.
    And, John, if you want to go to Evolucion in the next two weeks I can give you a ride I am in the east near Debbie and have to pass right through centro on my way. You can email me at stylehounds@aol.com. Laurel

  3. John, what a lovely surprise to meet you in person at last. I think it would be hard to spend much time at Evolucion and resist bringing one of those sweet creatures home.
    Laurel, thanks for introducing me to Evolucion.