Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disney's plan to trademark Día de los Muertos: ¡Híjole, mano!

Disney has backed off its bid to trademark the name "Día de los Muertos" and has dropped plans to make a Pixar film by the same name, according to the OC Weekly

Possibly some people will be disappointed that they will not be able to find Día de los Muertos-trademarked Disney products including:
" chewing gum; breakfast cereals and preparations made from cereals; cereal bars; bread; muffins; muffin bars; pastry; waffles; pancakes; cookies; crackers; biscuits; popcorn; corn chips; pretzels; puddings; coffee; tea; cocoa; sugar; rice; flour; ices; ice; honey; condiments; sauces; spices; pizza; pasta and noodles; macaroni and cheese; frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice; staple foods"
But, probably not.


  1. Trying to trademark Día de los Muertos would be like trying to trademark the word Hallowe'en or Valentine's Day or any of the other days with special names.

    I wonder how they thought they would be able to do that.

  2. Crazy! But I might have liked a cereal full of cute little skeletons, or however Disney might have envisaged such a thing.