Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A renovation vacation

Had a week of vacation time to burn off before the end of March, and we entertained the thought we might actually get away to Mérida for a break.  Instead, it has turned out to be a working vacation. We're packing up and emptying our overstuffed house for the renovation that's actually going to start next week.

There have been so many delays and false starts that I thought this project would never happen, so I'm excited but still not quite believing it. (If you're interested I posted a bit more about it on my renovation blog.)

Still, we have decamped for a few months to a rented 60s split level. It's close to Fallingdowne and just a block from the beach. It's like a consolation prize - not Mérida or a Gulf Coast village, but it feels like a vacation. 

The most important thing, perhaps, is the dogs like it.


  1. I'm sure the dogs love that beach! Best of luck with the renovation. We've got our home on the market and hoping it sells before our September move to Merida.

  2. Thanks John and Alan. We got the building permit Friday so work can legally begin on Monday. Many things have been donated to charity or dropped off at the consignment store.

    By the way our friends Bill and Shirley stayed at your home in December - they raved about how lovely it is, and they really enjoyed their stay.

    I hope your house sells quickly and you can move on to the next step in your plan.