Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A renovation vacation

Had a week of vacation time to burn off before the end of March, and we entertained the thought we might actually get away to Mérida for a break.  Instead, it has turned out to be a working vacation. We're packing up and emptying our overstuffed house for the renovation that's actually going to start next week.

There have been so many delays and false starts that I thought this project would never happen, so I'm excited but still not quite believing it. (If you're interested I posted a bit more about it on my renovation blog.)

Still, we have decamped for a few months to a rented 60s split level. It's close to Fallingdowne and just a block from the beach. It's like a consolation prize - not Mérida or a Gulf Coast village, but it feels like a vacation. 

The most important thing, perhaps, is the dogs like it.