Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ethical dilemmas in medical tourism

San Javier hospital in Nuevo Vallarta - the area's newest private facility catering to bariatric patients.
Casa Magna Marriott resort in Puerta Vallarta
 - part of the package for medical tourists.
What keeps me away from Mérida and México in recent months is the same thing that attracts thousands of others. I'm reminded of it every time I open a web page and some invisible algorithm loads it up with flashing, blinking ads for weight-loss surgery in Tijuana or high-quality dental work in Cancun.

Quite a lot of my time lately is spent writing and talking and thinking about medical tourism.

One side of the story is the ethical dimension: who benefits, who is hurt, and what are the implications of our decisions to leave our home country for treatment? That's the side that is explored this week on the CBC program, The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti.

More to come.

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