Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Long-distance learning

A couple of interesting pieces about Mexico's legal system and the Mayan "Apocalypse" in the Canadian media this week.

David Johnston is Canada's Governor General, who serves as the Queen's representative in our Commonwealth country. Before he was appointed to that job he was a distinguished legal scholar. In The Globe and Mail newspaper this week he writes about the collaboration with Mexico to help reform the legal system: "Canada and Mexico, partners in the pursuit of justice".

Then last night the CBC Radio program Ideas broadcast this hour-long documentary about the Mayan calendar. Fascinating - for the first time I actually began to comprehend some tiny part of the logic behind the elaborate cycles of days and the tun and katun and baktun. The doc is called "The End of Days".

"In Lak'ech."

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  1. Debbie,
    We think about you (well, your blog) every time we drive by the hacienda shown at the top of the blog, which is nearly daily. ;-)

    Thank you for the news that Canada is assisting with Mexico's legal reform efforts. Thank goodness that someone is thinking about doing something other than throwing more money and guns into the mix. The US' "Merida Initiative" has been a disaster for Mexico, and other Latin American countries involved.

    Legal reforms, transparency and supporting stronger government institutions is by far a better alternative to simply loading the nation with foreign agents, military hardware and weapons.

    The militarization of "justice" is something, I think, to be decried, rather than praised. Unfortunately, American politicians rely far too much on the military.