Saturday, November 24, 2012

Puerto Vallarta

The morning's catch
Pelican, waiting for scraps
Nail shop
We've only been home for a couple of days from our week-long working trip to Puerto Vallarta, but already it's hard to believe we were there.

For the first time ever, we stayed in a high-end resort hotel. Staying there made it easy to connect with the doctors, patients and other medical tourism players I had traveled all that way to meet. We have always insisted we were not resort people, but it turned out to be awfully easy to get used to a bit of luxury.

The week was a blur of interviews, scenes and sounds of hospital rooms and dentists' offices. It was profoundly moving and also disturbing to hear from several fellow Canadians about the circumstances that led them to Mexico for major, potentially life-saving surgery. I am looking forward to sharing their stories soon in a CBC Radio documentary.

We had only a few unscheduled hours one day  to make the short trip to the historic centre of Puerto Vallarta. Our first time to the city. What a pretty, charming place, with its steep cobbled streets and spectacular waterfront. It was hard to resist the displays of stunning workmanship in pottery, masks, metal and glass, as well as intricately carved furniture and fine textiles. But maybe there will be another time for buying things.

We did manage to capture a few of the vivid sounds and scenes of the streets to bring home with us.

Great fish tacos at Marisma