Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mérida on my mind

image courtesy of Victor Cruz/Estilo Arquitectura
This morning's distractions from the writing I'm supposed to be doing: A link to a post by someone who recently had a lot of fun in Mérida, plus another enticing shot of our now- finished pool. It makes me wonder, why are we not there?

Oh, right, it's because there's way, way too much work on my plate, and a renovation plan that's gone sideways for our wonky old Victoria house, and must now be rethunk.

Oh well, it's always good to have something to look forward to.


  1. The pool looks great! It will be there waiting for you on your next visit. Hope the Victoria renovations get squared away soon.

  2. Debbie, It looks so peaceful and inviting. When will you be down next? We are coming the end of October for Day of the Dead celebrations.

  3. Thanks, John and Alan. It's funny how relaxing it is just to look at the pictures. The Victoria reno will definitely be less radical than originally planned, and that's actually a bit of relief.

    Hi Laurel, we're not sure about our itinerary yet. Work-related travel could bring me to Mexico this fall. I'm still seeking Canadians who travel there or to other countries for surgery - so-called medical tourists. It's a bit of a needle-in-haystack quest!