Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reno x 2

Photos courtesy of Victor Cruz,  Estilo Arquitectura 

Thesis: It is more fun to renovate in Mérida than Canada. For some reason we find ourselves working on two homes at once, and so comparisons are unavoidable.

Fallingdowne, as we call our 101-year-old Victoria fixer-upper, is getting ready for its long-awaited makeover.

Work is already underway on phase 2 of the Mérida reno, which will add a pool and bathroom and fix up the existing guest bedroom.

The Victoria house is cold, old, crooked and run-down. The scale of the project is overwhelming: Empty the house, move out, remove chimneys, lift house, blast rock face under house, pour new foundation, construct ground level apartment, gut two upper floors, replace upstairs kitchen, replace upstairs bathrooms, rewire, insulate, re-roof, drywall, paint. We've been delaying this project for 15 years, while making stopgap repairs year after year that never solve the fundamental problems.

The Mérida work is underway sooner than we originally planned, because it became clear, even to this perpetually cold Canadian, how important a pool is in a hot, hot place.

It will probably be a while before we get to test the waters ourselves, as long as north-of-the-border reno and work commitments keep us busy.

Still, just looking at the pictures of the progress in Mérida makes me smile. Fallingdowne  keeps me up at night, worrying.