Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reclaiming lost space

(photo by Victor Cruz, Estilo Arquitectura)

Sometimes you don't get to do things in the order you want. A pool has been high on the priority list. It was going to be the next thing. But then one of the high stone walls began to collapse at the back dogleg section of the property, so it had to be fixed.

I guess a few rocks and some mortar would have patched it up for the time being. But we're beginning to turn this neglected area into a garden, and the walls in that section appear to be built more haphazardly than at the front of the property. I hate to do the same job twice. So it made sense to rebuild the wall properly now, following the plans from our architects. Otherwise we'd have to redo the repair at a future date and also destroy any landscaping done in the interim. At the same time as the repair on one side, we decided to replace the  low, crooked wall that borders the other neighbor at the back.

I love the traditional limestone walls around here, but these ones won't be solid rock. They are being built with concrete blocks, and the sides along the path will be faced with rough limestone pieces. The face that will someday form one wall of a casita at the very back of the property will be smoothly plastered, and painted. I'm sure it will be a nice contrast to the adjoining solid stone walls.

Even though it wasn't at the top of our to-do list, I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation as this abandoned bit of land turns into a private, usable garden space.


  1. Sounds like the best plan of action for now. I look forward to seeing the garden.

  2. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it too! I hope our Merida dates line up someday soon so we can meet.

  3. That dogleg section is a pretty cool feature of your property. It reminds me of a secret little garden. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the wall and stone finish.