Sunday, January 29, 2012

More changes

doors, before
This is how you keep spending when you thought you were done for now. I thought we could make do with some of the old doors for a couple more years. But they looked so terrible once the other work was done, and neither one closes properly anyway, so now we have two new ones. Meanwhile the work on the patio walls is also finished. When Victor sent the photos, I sat mesmerized, toggling through the pictures again and again. I must have needed a psychological break from the relentless weather around Victoria the past couple of weeks: snow, ice, and windstorm after windstorm. This is my favourite hammock spot, so I am daydreaming about leaving those patio doors open to the breeze on lazy afternoons.

It was nice of the builder to provide a sense of scale


  1. Great doors and that wall is amazing! Congratulations.

  2. Very nice! I really like the curved interior step.

  3. Thanks! The skill of tradespeople in Mérida is impressive - I'm always amazed by what they can do with wood and stone and concrete and iron. The new doors are modeled on the only remaining set of original doors, so it's nice to restore a bit of character to the place.

  4. Hi Debbie--

    Congratulations; your new doors are what makes a house a home!

    I'm on 44th; Millet Vidrio is coming over this PM to measure for double-paned glass to help stop street noise in a front room. I plan to also redo a glass and wood street door and put a laminated glass secondary door on the street.
    Please tell me how to contact the person who made your beautiful wood doors.
    Thanks so much.


  5. Hi Esteban,
    I feel a little sheepish admitting that I don't know who the door maker is. It was arranged by our architect Victor Cruz. You can email him at
    I hope things are going well with your renovations, and would love to hear and see more about your place.

  6. HI Folks--

    Come on (email first!) over.
    I've landed in my own house after looking at it through a computer screen for eight months.
    Just beginning to "clip and curve" it into my own. Here for almost another 4.5 months before returning to Port Townsend.


    1. Would love to! If you send your email coordinates to me at deborahwilso (at) gmail (dot) com we'll get in touch when we're returning - soon!