Friday, November 11, 2011

The fair

I won't be at the Feria Yucatán x'matkuil (Yucatan state fair) this year. It opened today. Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement to sit around shivering in the wind, cold and dark of a Canadian November. But if I was there, I wouldn't go so early this time.

I'm one of those nerds who can't figure out the right time to show up for stuff. So last year, I thought I'd beat the heat and catch an early bus. Rides make me dizzy, and I try not to each too much fair food, and I wasn't interested in the night-time concerts. I mostly wanted to see the sights. Mostly I was interested in the displays of local products,such as stonework and furnishings and things that might be nice for our new Merida home. I also had read about the spectacle of kids playing in fake snow, and dolphin tanks, and suchlike things that appealed to my taste for the bizarre.

Well, at the end of an interesting bus ride from the main  Merida market, I got to the fair and the plaza was nearly empty. Most of those who arrived around the same time as me were school kids, who didn't have any choice in the matter. Many of the commercial displays I wanted to see weren't open that early in the day. But I did get to see the livestock (one of my favorite fair features) and walk around a bit. Bought a nice hammock at a reasonable price. The Mayan building near the entrance was a nice touch - you are definitely not going to confuse this with the Red River Exhibition back in good old Winnipeg.

Next time I'll go late, with friends, like everyone else.


  1. My Spanish teacher suggested Mary and I go to the fair about 4:00 or 5:00. She said by 8:00 it would be jammed.

    I like your photo of those masks — as though OWS was planning a protest march at the fair. And also the one of the old fire apparatus from 1841. Could it be that they really fought fires by making and applying steam? (Or was the steam to power other equipment?) The tank says "maquina a vapor."


  2. Hi Eric. I hope you take your camera. I'd love to see what they have this year. There's nothing like a fair for odd, captivating scenes. I was curious about the fire-fighting machines as well. I would have to think this one is steam-powered. I don't think steam would be as good as a blast of cold water on a fire.

  3. Thanks for this post, Debbie. Senor B and I plan on going and it's good to know that early is not necessarily better.