Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting things done

Insta-kitchen from Soriana (except the essential French press)
I thought this would be a vacation vacation, not as much of a rush-around-and-get-things-done vacation. I sincerely intended to carry out the foot doctor's prescription to walk barefoot in warm sand. And call everyone I was hoping to see. Instead, it has been busy with errands and chores although I have had some nice visits with friends.

The house is feeling homey and very liveable. You still would call it "lightly furnished", but that's a refreshing contrast to our Victoria clutter. There are places to sit, and dishes to eat on, utensils and pots and a few pictures on the wall - thanks to Alfredo for that.

Lucio and his assistants cleared the weedy, overgrown patio and back of the property which someone has mistaken for a free dump.

Already, only a few days left and still lots to do, and some choices to make about what won't get done until the next trip.


  1. There's always so much to do when you're a homeowner especially when the home is still new. Soon enough you'll get to have a more relaxing vacation.

  2. I like the "lightly furnished." We are trying to keep ours uncluttered as well. We'll see. I know my tendency to keep adding things I love. Your wall hanging looks like a woven bag, but whatever it is, it looks great there.
    Try to relax at least one day. We are hoping to take one day and make a bus trip to the beach or to a hacienda, or something, so that it feels a little like a vacation.

  3. Thanks Barb, I hope your upcoming vacation is going to all relaxation and not a lot of fixing up.

    John and Alan I'm glad you like the wall hanging. It's by the artist Bolsas de Mercado. Maybe you have some similar works.