Tuesday, October 25, 2011

El Huracan

Many street corners around Mérida display name plates like this one just a few blocks from our house. They are reproductions of the ones created long ago to help people get around at a time when many didn't read or even speak Spanish.

This seemed like an especially appropriate image for this week, with Hurricane Rina bearing down on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. Mérida is not directly in its path but it could get a lot of rain and wind, as it did during last week's "tropical depression".

The communities on the Caribbean coast could be in for much worse than that.

Update Oct. 28:  It didn't even rain in Merida.

Precautions were taken, including evacuation of Cozumel. My neighbor Ricardo's family are there, he said they were among the storm refugees, comfortably ensconced in a hotel with their cats.

After a couple of days of losing steam,
Rina was downgraded to another "tropical depression" on the coast.


  1. Will this be the first hurricane you have witnessed at such a close distance?
    We're glad it is not going to be a direct hit in Mérida, but feel for those on the Caribbean side. Even a Category 2 can wreak all kinds of havoc. If a Cat 3 strikes, it is a catastrophe. Here's hoping for the best.

  2. We sometimes get big damaging windstorms in Victoria, but I have no idea what it's like to be in or even on the distant outskirts of a hurricane, except from news reports.

    Sounds like you're familiar with them?

  3. Yes, We have been through several, but none greater than a Cat 2.
    I would imagine that Mérida will get some tropical winds and rain, but that's fairly common anyway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The most annoying issue is always loss of power, that can last for several days to several weeks.

  4. Hey Debbie - can you tell me where el huracan street sign is in merida (ie the street coss street) ?

  5. I couldn't quite remember the exact location so spent a couple of pleasant minutes "driving" around on Google Maps to find it. It's at the corner of C. 63 and C. 46. Are you collecting street signs? I love finding unfamiliar ones as I explore around the east side.

    1. Hey - sorry for the delayed response ... Yes i am ... I started a couple of weeks ago and have 'done' calle 42 thru to calle 84 north of 61 if that makes sense - the collection is growing !

      Good to know I havent missed it yet on my travels ! Thanks so much for the info


  6. Debbie - fyi I got it ! Did Calle 46 south of 61 this week and found El Huracan ! Now have over 200 of the signs in photos - a few of my favorits can be found at ...


    Thanks again for the info