Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The blog of others

At the 2010 Latin American Bloggers Conference
Do you ever have a spell when everything you write seems like crap? I've been going through one of those lately.

Maybe I'm too preoccupied with other deadlines, or it might be harder to feel connected and current when I've been away from Mérida for several months. Whatever the reason, my blogging efforts these days usually fall flat. The words don't seem right. My thoughts feel precious or obvious or dull. It's the same when I try to comment on other people's blog posts. Type, re-read, reconsider, delete.

Fortunately other people are still writing and posting much more interesting stuff than anything going through my head. A while ago, John and Alan pointed out some engaging newer blogs I hadn't seen before. It made me realize I had some catching up to do.

 ¡Qué sorpresa! people keep coming to Mérida and the Yucatán from places all over the U.S. and Canada and who knows where else.

Just when some things begin to feel familiar, and certain milestones pass in our own Mérida adventure, these newer arrivals are seeing the place with fresh eyes and different perspectives. There's some great writing and illuminating information. I'm enjoying these new voices so much I don't feel such a terrible need to fill space with my own ramblings for now.

Here are several great recent additions to my regular reading list:
Imagine Mérida
Casa del Gato Azul
My Mérida Life
Mérida - Are we there yet?

I'm always eager to hear about new ones - let me know what I'm missing!

Fittingly, I learned yesterday that the date`s been set for the upcoming Latin American Bloggers Conference. It will be in Mérida November 5th. The conference was a real highlight for me last year. It was wonderful to meet many of the people who had inspired and (perhaps unknowingly) encouraged me to take the big leap  a couple of years ago and start to put down roots in this magical place. I`ve been looking forward to reconnecting and possibly meeting some new bloggers, getting some new ideas and maybe even curing the old writer`s block.

Sadly I`ll miss the conference this year. Leaving town October 28th because that`s when the cheap fares ran out. But I`ll be thinking of the blogging friends who made me feel like less of a stranger in our future home and have been so supportive with their suggestions and kind words. Oh well, next time!


  1. I'm honored to be on the list! You're one of the first blogs I ever bookmarked. (Maybe actually the first -- I don't quite remember.)

    We're making plans to attend the conference. It's still tentative until we get official permission from our corporate overseers. Those of you who are already seasoned expats may not remember what a corporate overseer is, but they're everywhere NOB.

  2. Debbie, please don't ever feel that you have nothing to say. It might seem like drivel to you but I'd bet your readers don't think so. I always enjoy whatever you've posted.
    Thanks for sharing your new blogs. I've added them to my ever-expanding list.
    You're leaving México 2 days before we arrive so we won't have a chance to get together this time. Bummer.

  3. Your blog as well as others helped us to make the decision that Merida was the place for us. I have enjoyed reading all of the post as it's all new for us and for many others. I do have the same problem with writing, but I try to persevere as I remember how much information I gained reading blogs!

  4. Sorry you won't make the conference, but it will be great to see you!

  5. Heck Debbie, we'll miss you by three days. I purchased our tickets for Nov 1-11, not even knowing the blog conference was coming up. I'm thrilled that we will finally meet some of the great people in Merida. It's looking like several of the newer bloggers will be there as well.

    I'm sorry we will miss you- Maybe next trip. And, BTW, I second what Barb said about your blog.

  6. Debbie, we always look forward to reading your blog and have for quit awhile. Thanks for adding us to your list, we're just a couple hicks from Texas that have loved Mexico for years. Hope we can meet someday.

  7. Thank you so much for including our blog in your post. I understand how you feel, delete and backspace are my most used keys. I love reading your posts and loved the old photos of Merida.
    You nailed it...the many different blogs about Merida provide such different prospectives, I love it.Keep up the wonderful posts.

  8. Wow, thanks, you are all too kind and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Mérida someday soon. Barb, writing this I was thinking of your comment on Paul's blog (Hammock Musings) about being introverted. I generally feel more extroverted as a writer than I do socially, and suspect most of us writers do. I wonder why? And why it can shift so that suddenly you're second-guessing every word?
    When I'm feeling especially lame at the keyboard I'm often encouraged by the words of deadline-writing wisdom passed along by Jack Knox, a great humorist and friend: "Some days all you've got in you is garbage. Just give them the best garbage you've got."

  9. I've been the feeling the same way these days. But the new blogs you listed and my old favorites have helped me get through my lull. Let's try and get together again next month!

  10. Hey Debbie, thanks for the kind words about my very poor attempt at a is because of you and other bloggers that cemented our decision to buy in Merida and start my own blog. Never feel you have nothing to say or that we won't be interested in what you have to say and do each day. We love reading about everyone's trip to the market, attack of the never ending ants and Mosquitos, what you made for dinner, your gardens or what ever! We love the everyday and mundane. It gives us a preview of what our lives might be like in the next few years and it let's us I've vicariously through
    Thank you

  11. Susan, it's great to hear from you. I'm looking forward to catching up with you.
    Darren and Wade, your blog is a treat to read (though I was sorry to hear about the food poisoning.) I know what you mean, it's such a pleasure to hear about the everyday experiences and discoveries of fellow bloggers.

  12. Debbie,

    We arrive on October 28. Looks like we'll miss you on this trip. Maybe soon

    Ron y Kathy

  13. So sorry I'm going to miss you and Kathy this time, Ron. I hope you have a great trip, and that our paths cross next time.