Sunday, May 1, 2011

Casa Azul

The pale green paint was flaking off the facade by the time interior renovations were underway. At the back, the walls had been patched after the drainage pipes were buried in the wall. I thought it would be hard to pick a new color from all the incredible hues that are splashed on walls all over Merida.

A few nice shades were tested on the front wall.

But then I came across this grand house in the Santa Ana neighborhood. I found this shade of aqua blue completely electrifying.

It happened to be the work of our architects at Estilo - so Victor knew exactly what color it was.

Here it is on our (much less grand) facade and back walls.

Like it?


  1. Perfect!! I too have fallen in love with that color from driving by those houses on 47. If I were picking again, that would be my first choice. It's so refreshing and light and cool, just a wonderful shade. Your house looks beautiful and cool and refreshing.

  2. Yes, I know those houses just around the corner from us, and love the color. Great choice!

  3. I like it too. I wonder what color it will turn into after a few years? Our pistachio house has yellow undertones showing through, I rather like it, but never expected it.

  4. Nice color. The house that inspired it belongs to my friend Bill just a couple of block over, and when he redid his facade I immediately noticed the cool blue-green. I like it a lot, too. It looks great on your house.

  5. Very nice colour, Debbie. It'll feel nice and cool in the summer heat.

  6. Thanks everyone, so glad you like it too. The tree in front has now had a hard pruning so there will be more facade to see. Theresa, it will be interesting to see how the color changes as it fades.

  7. OMG what a pretty color! it reminds me of a robin's egg. Im thinking about what color to paint my beach house (when I get it... still looking around for a new real estate agent) and this would look fabulous on the beach. LOVE your blog!

  8. Thank you Peg. I've always loved robin's egg blue as well. Good luck with your search and plans for your beach house. Keep us posted on your progress!