Sunday, January 23, 2011

The windmills of my mind

From the latest comments, I see I'm not the only one with a thing for windmills. Here's a photo of the ones I saw at the Yucatan state fair in November. It's an artless picture but I wanted to get the phone number in case I ever want to get one for aforementioned irrigation system. These are on a much more modest scale than the ones that dominated the skyline in old images of the city.

I can't see them without thinking of that ubiquitous ear worm that won the 1969 Oscar for best song, The Windmills of Your Mind. Not so sure I'd want to sit in the patio watching the windmill blades turning, with those spooky lyrics running through my head.


  1. I love the windmills. Thankfully there are still many in use around Yucatán, although I am told that hurricanes over the years took many down. It's nice to see that there still are working windmills in Mérida. A friend of mine has one on his place in the country, and after some years of maintenance problems and unreliability he switched to a different type of pump. That aside, I still hope to have a windmill one of these days.

  2. Hi Marc.
    Those windmills that fell in the hurricanes must have caused a fair bit of damage. I appreciate Eric's caution that they come with significant costs and challenges. For now I'm keeping the idea in my nice-to-have/someday file, along with PV solar. It's fun to daydream and dig up information on these possibilities, so I don't mind waiting awhile.