Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More reno pictures

These were taken last month, but haven't had a chance to post until now. Last I heard we were waiting for the plumbing to be done so the tile-setters could come in. Already the date of the next trip is approaching and I'm wondering if most of the work can be completed by then. I'm hoping for a functioning bathroom and kitchen and rooms that are ready for furnishings. I know the roof and other stuff will still need to be done before the rains start and I can't quite remember when that occurs.

Hard to believe it's almost a year already since the purchase of the house was completed. I'm glad we haven't been in a rush to get all the work done, but I am looking forward to seeing this first phase of renovations done.
Opening for the new bathroom window

Arch is raised, front room is bright now, not dank
Shower area with nicho ready for tiling
Electrical and a/c circuits in studio


  1. Debbie, I admire your courage, doing all this from afar. It's looking great. Mary and I will be in town before Ground Hog Day and two weeks beyond. Send us an email if you're around.


  2. I was thinking the same thing as eric. I'm not sure I could do renos from home.

  3. Let there be light! Raising the arch sure made a big difference. Everything is really coming together nicely!

    I'm not sure either, but I think the rainy season may run June through Octoberish. What is your approximate completion date? We'll be there around Carnaval time in March. Please drop me a line if our trips intersect. I’d love to finally meet up.

  4. I like the changes. It really is better to do these things slowly. Maybe not as slowly as we did LOL (actually not an LOL but a self depreciating chuckle).
    The rainy season starts around June or July, but it starts slowly and gains momentum.
    Hope to see you when you come back.

  5. Thanks everyone for your thumbs-up on the work so far. Eric and Barb, the reno-from-afar has been much less stressful than I originally feared. All credit goes to our property manager (Maggie) and architects (Estilo)and the very capable tradespeople they lined up.
    Susan, I think we will finally have a chance to meet, as I will be around for Carnaval week as well. Really looking forward to it! And thanks to you and Theresa for the rainy season info. I guess I still have a little while to get that roof done. Theresa, I think I tend to do renos slowly, and in stages, because I actually like the process, even the demolition and dust because of the excitement of seeing transformation. Unfortunately this feeling is not shared by all family members, so it really is better to do it when they're not there. See you soon, I hope.

  6. Very cool! You know how I loved the little green house, too. So it will be lots of fun for us to see the changes. Oops! I think I just invited myself over :-) I'll email you as the trip nears...

  7. I really like the Crema Maya tile. I had never seen it before, but the bathrooms in one of the homes we viewed were done in a similar color as yours. They look even better in person. The red Ticul stone is nice as well. You are going to love the new bathrooms. When we purchased our old home in Norfolk, the master bathroom was our first project. It is a fairly large bathroom (previous owners actually converted a small bedroom). When it was done, I wanted to live in that room! Everything else looked so shabby. It's funny how NOB-ers place so much emphasis on our bathrooms and kitchens. To me they are the two most important rooms in a house. Bedroom runs a close 3rd!