Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Big Indulgence

The plan was to do what friend Debbie calls a "light renovation": Update wiring and plumbing, paint, replace lights and fans, and keep the existing kitchen and bathroom pretty much as-is. It has stayed more or less within that description, with a number of changes that made sense to do now rather than later, such as removing a non-original wall to create a front sala out of an unusable bedroom, raising the arch and re-laying the pasta floors in a couple of rooms.
But it became quickly obvious the existing bathroom, while functional, couldn't just be cleaned up and kept in service for a couple more years. The bathoon reno is the one indulgence in this first spate of renovations. I am used to living in less than pristine surroundings (see "Fallingdowne turns 100") but it was truly revolting. I love using locally sourced materials in a home and love the Yucatan's plentiful limestone in all its forms. Georgina suggested covering the bathroom walls in the stuff, and so we've now got the white ("Crema Maya") tiles on the walls and red ("Ticul") stone on the floors. It's amazing to see it in place in these latest photos from our architect, Victor.


  1. Bathrooms are sanctuaries, and they welcome renewal. Good choice.


  2. Georgina's suggestion was a really good one! Love the Crema Maya and Ticul tiles on the walls and floors - such a natural, yet elegant finish.

  3. Who did you use as your contractor? We are looking for a reference. Thanks.

  4. Our architect Victor Cruz with Estilo Yucatan is managing the reno. Love their work, great to work with. Here's their website