Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scenes of destruction

11/30/2010 I hadn't heard from Merida in a few days so I figured things weren't moving too fast. Not so. Victor sent an update today. Walls are coming down, walls are going up. It makes me very happy to see rubble everywhere.
bedroom + entry hall - wall = new sala

the other side of the new sala

tiles from former bedroom will be relaid
this room didn't get any natural light before

pointless extra door from garage is removed


  1. It's looking like a good start. I didn't visit your house, but from having seen many existing houses and looking at your photos, I have a good idea what it was like. It's fun to see a project get started. I am glad you saved the tiles. You can buy new pasta tiles, but the quality is not the same, the old designs are unique, and the old tiles have a nice patina and polish up better than the new ones. Glad to see you are getting started! Good luck.

  2. I love the tiles! I am Deborah, a new Merida wanna-be, or "another stalker"! My husband and I are planning a trip in the Spring to explore the possibility of moving to Merida. We are both very excited and look forward to the adventure. Renovating is appealing, but we have "done that been there" and probably will buy a house already renovated. I just wanted to introduce myself. Peeking into ones life on a regular basis without their knowledge feels a little odd, so I wanted to say hello and hope to meet you in the New Year!!!.........Deborah and Phil (Chattanooga, TN).

  3. Marc, thanks for the reassuring words. These first photos sent by Victor weren't too shocking but the latest ones, which I'll post soon, look like an earthquake hit the place. Funny, I've been telling people we're just doing a "light renovation" at this stage.

    And hello Deborah and Phil, it's great to hear from you. I've spent plenty of time as well as a blog "stalker". It's a great pleasure to meet others who are following a similar dream. All the best with your explorations and please let me know how it goes. Saludos

  4. Congrats Debbie!!

    It was great to meet you at the blogger's gathering and we look forward to spending time with you in Merida!!

  5. Hi Ron and Kathy,
    Great to meet you too, and I'm enjoying reading your posts about the conference and the trip. Hope all goes well with the surgery, Kathy, and with Ron's plans to dive into WordPress for Dummies. I just read it a couple of months ago and found it really helpful.
    Hope to see you again in Merida soon.

  6. Progress, progress, progress! I love seeing your place transform.