Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Neighbors/Vecinos: Bob and Diane

11/10/2010 The morning after our first night in the damp, noisy, smelly home, I found a handwritten note tucked into our front gate. It was from Diane and Bob, who had recognized our house from the blog posts and pictures. In fact they even viewed the house when it was languishing on the market. Their house is just about two blocks away from ours.
We dropped by to say hello to and were greeted by this friendly couple from New York. They have transformed their compact house on a narrow lot into a jewel with polished black concrete surfaces, high ceilings and abundant light. Familiar Yucatan and Mexican elements are used in surprising and delightful ways. They call it their Merida brownstone, because it has a lot in common with their brownstone in Brooklyn.
Our visit was cut a bit short because half a dozen tradespeople were due to show up at our house to give estimates. But it was wonderful to connect with our gracious neighbors and it made me feel a little less like a stranger in town. Brother Doug really enjoyed the visit too. He is able to recognize the potential in a building that would appear to most as a run-down old rock pile - his house in Manitoba used to be one - but seeing what Bob and Diane have achieved, he says he now really understands what we're trying to do.
I didn't take pictures of the interior of Bob and Diane's house because we were too busy enjoying their company to get around to asking how they would feel about that. But it was a highlight of the trip to meet them.

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