Sunday, November 14, 2010

My office/mi oficina

View from mi oficina, Parque Mejorada
If you've been anywhere near me for the past week  you've heard me complain (quijarse - a new verb I learned) about the torture of staying in a house without internet or easy access to coffee. It's my own fault of course for being so stubborn about staying in our house with nothing except a few lights and fans, plumbing that kind of works and two hammocks. Internet cafes exist but I've been opting for the public squares where Merida's government has installed free wifi. (I wonder why our wealthy cities north of the 49th  parallel haven't done it yet.) Despite the thoughtful provision of service, it has not been working all that well for me. It was hard to fit in trips to the squares during last week's busy schedule. Night falls hard at 6 o'clock so it's a little difficult to see the screen after that. And power is a challenge. This year-old netbook has about an hour of battery juice, and though there are a few electrical outlets around the squares, they don't always work. Unfortunately you don't find that out until the computer shuts down suddenly.
So this blogger has been mostly unplugged this week. But I think I'm getting it figured out. 

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  1. There are lots of people who would love an office view like that, but I understand the problems you are facing. Now I am an addict to home WIFI. I can work from anywhere in the house, and the back garden is a favorite spot.