Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readers have questions...

Some friends checked out this blog recently and had a few questions that made me realize I should fill in some of the details about our wild Yucatan house-buying adventure. Such as: where is it, and what's with the computer people in the images?
Jo-Ann wanted to know which house we actually bought, out of the many I viewed and posted about here last year.
Here it is, the morning after we massacred the overgrown ficus tree in front, in March. The leaves have grown back since then but it needs another pruning to give it a decent shape and keep the branches out of the overhead wires.
Our casa is about a dozen blocks east of the Plaza Grande where everyone goes for concerts and dancing and big events. It's in a residential neighborhood called Chem Bech, which is the name of the market about a block away whose vendors sell everything from fresh fish and fruit to toilet paper. I can't find too much information about Chem Bech online but, judging from the mural on the front wall of the building, it appears that it might have been the historic site of a Mayan market of some sort. I'll research this and get back to you on it.
Here's what the back of the house looks like now
Here's the post-reno concept, courtesy estilo arquitectura


  1. Lots of potential here! ...Congrats for living the dream.......

  2. Thank you Susan. It's reassuring when others also see potential in this old house.

  3. Chem Bech is, indeed, a Mayan name (a small bird) and an old, outside-of-the-original-Merida market location. It is a nice little area of town. We hope you enjoy your home there.

  4. Thanks for the info about the neighborhood, CasiYuc. I can't wait to explore more of the neighborhood and its history when I'm in Merida next month. I'm sure I'll be checking out the small birds to try to guess which one might be a "chem bech".