Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going to the bloggers' conference

For the past couple of years the voices of bloggers have provided information, entertainment, encouragement and sometimes words of caution in our, well mostly my, pursuit of the Merida dream. They share household budgets, renovation stories, experiences with festivals and food, heat and occasional cold, bugs, floods, crime (and its relative infrequency). They talk about fabulous cultural events and occasional culture clashes, learning the language and becoming part of the community. To me they made everything seem possible and somewhat familiar.
I've never even met any of them. So I'm looking forward to attending the Latin American Bloggers' Conference in Merida Nov. 12-14. At first I wasn't sure if I qualified as a Latin American blogger. After all we're not living there yet, and won't be more than vacation-time residents for quite some time, from the looks of things. But they're a welcoming bunch so I'm very pleased to get to go. If you have a chance to read these bloggers (linked from the conference website or just over there on the right on this blog) be forewarned. You might catch the sickness that makes semi-sensible people go off in search of real estate in charming, out-of-the-way, at-times hellishly hot places.
A couple of recent blog discoveries (one's a rediscovery) have been delightful: I recommend the recent posts about heat in An Alaskan in Yucatan and Yucatan Yenta (see Yenta's hilarious entry under "Merida, the schvitzing capitol of the world").
 Soon I will be schvitzing along with them.

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