Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freshening up

Should be cleaning the house in preparation for (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but instead I've been fixing up the blog. It started because I wanted to use an image of the pasta tiles from the front room of our house as a background picture for the page. The old blog template didn't seem to want to accommodate that sort of customization, so I ended up finding a new one. Then I figured the picture of the mystery building in my neighborhood, which I'm using under the blog title, deserved a bit of photoshop lipstick. The fiddling around just continued from there.
My blog-improvement project, like the Thanksgiving housecleaning, does have a reason. I'm anticipating I might have some new visitors in the next few weeks, as I am about to come out as a member of the hordes who are buying into the Mexican Dream. Victoria's Boulevard magazine is publishing in their November/December issue my story about local people (ourselves included) buying, building and renovating homes down Mexico way. Among the current and former Victorians featured in the story, I was pleased to "meet" (via skype) Yucatan Today editor Juanita Stein and her husband Jan Zak, who cashed in their chips in Victoria and moved to Merida about five years ago.
There's never enough space in print to share all the great details and anecdotes, so I hope to say more in future blog posts about what I learned from Juanita and the others who I met in the course of writing this article. One thing really sticks in my mind, though, and eases my mind when I wake up some nights thinking I've taken a foolish risk with this Merida thing: they are all so happy they did this.

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  1. Hi Debbie.

    I'll be on the lookout for the next Boulevard. Thanks for all your writing.