Sunday, October 17, 2010

First frost

First frost on the roofs in Victoria this morning. In three weeks I'll be on a plane to the tropics. I'll escape two weeks of my least-favourite month in Victoria. November is usually so dark and rainy; it seems like all the light has gone out of the world.
Not much progress on the renovation front, at least not that I can see. I received an estimate for roof repair and waterproofing that is about a quarter of my entire renovation budget for this year, and several times the price paid by other people I heard from. Who knows, maybe it's the world's best waterproofing job, or the world's worst roof. I haven't had time yet to explore these questions, and hurricane season is over in a couple of weeks, so there might be time to get the answers before plunging into that job.
Our friends Ted and Kathryn joked about us buying "a house made out of computer drawings" and I admit I spend more time mooning over the mock-ups of the rooms than the "before" pictures. So it's going to be a bit of a rude shock for me when I get back to Merida and the very primitive accomodations awaiting me: missing light fixtures, peeled paint, no furniture (I'm bringing a hammock), no kitchen appliances. Oh yeah, worst of all, no wifi. Urban camping, I guess you could call it. Or squatting in our own house.
I had hoped by now the electrical work, at least, would be done, but it will happen when it happens.
It shouldn't be such a terrible hardship (except for the wifi). The market and food kiosks are a block away, and a block away there's also a pretty restaurant where I had great shrimp cocktail one afternoon, and they urged me to try their breakfasts next time. There's also a highly recommended comida economica right around the corner. At least I hope it's still there.  It will be my vacation from cooking. And there are lots of places to use the internet.
So for Kathryn and Ted, and a reality check for myself, here are some more "before" and computer-simulated "after" pix:

This is now the living room

It will become the dining room

main bedroom looking towards study

main bedroom- after

ugly bathroom
who is the dude in our new shower?

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