Friday, October 8, 2010

Counting the days

Suddenly I'm just a few weeks away from returning to Merida.
It's exciting and anxious-making. I should have a list of things to do and things to bring. When I try to write one my mind goes blank. It's probably because I'm not sure what state the house will be in by the time I get there Nov. 7th.
Lots has happened in recent weeks, but the house is still unsullied by renovation rubble. Some recent progress, on paper:

  • We have a fideicomiso - the documents confirming our ownership through a bank trust. It is now in the hands of the architect's office.
  • The architect is apparently preparing to apply for renovation permits, now that they have show proof of our ownership of the place.
  • Plans for the reno are nearly complete, I think. One of the most thrilling parts is a plan for perfect little casita, a tiny building with its own bathroom and interior garden, in the narrow extra dogleg of the property that had looked like a useless strip of land.
  • I'm waiting for estimates of costs for the first phase of the reno, which will be a basic upgrade to the original part of the house, and, if it's within the budget, a redo of the existing bathroom. The pool, the guest bedroom and second bathroom, the casita, the big kitchen renovation, will all have to wait. That's okay with me, though Tom is of the view that we should do everything in the reno plans all at once.

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