Saturday, October 30, 2010

Almost there!

It's exactly one year  since I put in an offer on the green house hidden behind a huge tree. In a week I'll be back and I think we're just about ready to get those renovations underway. Lots has happened since my previous rather glum observations on progress (or lack of it).  Plans are done. We have some bids for different parts of the work and expect a couple more in the next few days. Permits are in the works and our architect estimated they'd be done within days. It sounds like at least some of the work can start right away once we make our decisions on who's doing what. So far it looks like the first stage of renovations might just be do-able within my very modest budget. I hope to have the original part of the house rewired, replumbed, with repaired walls as needed (and one wall removed), painted, polished, and fitted with new fans and lighting. Also, renovation of the single existing bathroom...will the money stretch far enough to cover the walls in limestone? 
In past renovations of other houses I've done at least a bit of the grunt work, sometimes a lot: demolition, drywall, plastering, painting, landscaping. Mostly stuff that doesn't involve complex math or precision cuts.
 This time I don't expect I'll be much use on the jobsite. I figure I've got time to take some Spanish lessons, so I will perhaps be able to comprehend at least a bit more of the neighbors' conversation.

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