Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy and reality

Some good things are happening:
- The lawyer says he now has the documents we need so the architect can apply for permits.
- The latest money transfer arrived safely in the new Monex account (after the last one vanished between my bank and HSBC in Merida.)
- I'm booked to return to Merida in November (escaping the darkest, dreariest month in Victoria).
- Our architect sent new plans for a perfect little casita at the end of the useless, overgrown dogleg of land at the back of our property.
- Our property manager said the heavy rains had not flooded the house in our absence.

Some not-good things are also happening:
- I had a worry about the roof in all this rain and asked Maggie if we could check it to see how the waterproofing was holding up. Bad news. Lots of cracks and even a spot where water is pooling. Also signs of excess humidity and water permeating inside. 
- An ominous crack in a newer interior wall.
The house (in the pictures Maggie sent) is definitely looking worse than it did in the spring, and the severely pruned ficus has grown back a new crop of leaves but is definitely muy feo. After months of looking at the dreamy architects' images of perfect rooms filled with perfect fake people, it is quite a reality check.
The pictures of the casita make me feel much happier than the pictures of the cracks and the water on the roof. Unfortunately the casita is one of those nice-to-have things that is destined to remain a fantasy for a long time to come. The reality is roof and masonry repairs that I wasn't planning for. I'm hoping they can wait until the rain stops and the renovations are finally underway. 


  1. In 1980 my house project in Merida commenced. It was a rental, but I had the money to fix it up. Two years distant (the life of my rental contract) seemed very far indeed into the future. I was a fool and repaired someone else's house. When I moved to my own city center adaptive reuse city center project in 1982, I had the same issues to deal with that you describe - rain, cracks, excess humidity, masonry repairs, etc.
    But all that was THIRTY YEARS AGO. And it continues until this day, especially during the rainy season.
    How do I get an invite to the bloggers meeting. I could qualify, I think. My blog posts are found here:

  2. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the challenges of keeping the water out. Seems to be the story wherever we live. We expect it here on the "wet" coast of Canada, but Merida seems so arid outside of the rainy season that it fools us.
    What a treat to read your posts - My partner and I have mooned over the images of Casa Mexilio many times but I somehow missed the blog. You can contact the bloggers conference organizers through the conference blog (I just emailed one of the "contributors" at the bottom left side of the page and asked if I could come.) Hope to meet you in November!