Monday, September 6, 2010

Fairs and fair weather

Did I mention I bought my tickets to Merida for November?
A priority was to schedule this trip around the 3rd annual Latin American Bloggers Conference. When I first heard about this conference last year it was a revelation that bloggers could actually meet in meatspace. How quaint! I didn't know if I was eligible to join the confab. Could I be considered a Latin American blogger while still living full-time "NOB"? Lucky for me, the answer is yes.
I'm looking forward to meeting many of the bloggers from Merida and elsewhere who have guided and inspired (incited?) me in our own adventure in Mexican real estate. Also some tips on how to do this blog thing. At least I'm no longer posting pictures facing sideways. Who knows what else I can learn?
Of course the conference is just over the weekend of Nov. 12-14 and so there will be time to get house-related things done. I am fervently hoping we'll have plans and permits and people actually working on the renovation by then, but we'll see.
Meanwhile there is also much to explore in and around Merida,  just for fun and fascination. The XXXVI Feria Yucatan Xmatkuil, for instance. There are many smaller fairs in the towns and villages where locals display the distinctive arts and products of their area, such as stone carving or leatherwork or hammocks. But what Canadian wouldn't make the time to visit a big state fair where the highlight last year was the "Snow Zone" where people can slide and make snowmen with real snow?

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