Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zombies and scorpions

Finally got to Vancouver this weekend for a long-planned lunch with Georgina. We met on the flight back to B.C. from Merida last November. I  had just put an offer on what would become our place. She's owned her home since 2006.
We've exchanged emails and photos since then but it was great to get together and compare notes and experiences, hear tips and suggestions. I learned what to do when a huge scorpion shows up in the bedroom (drench it with a spray can of "Home Defense"). Her house is beautiful and simple, with original and salvaged character details and simple features like crushed white gravel in the courtyard instead of high-maintenance grass. It's an inspiration for the way I'd love our house to look and feel.
Afterwards my bus was delayed by zombies. I didn't realize there was a zombie walk underway on Robson Street . They smeared fake blood all over the bus windows. So funny and charming. Sometimes I miss living in this city.


  1. I thought I was reading a blog about someone moving to Merida, instead I found out why I saw two zombies walking down the street Saturday night in Vancouver, too funny.

  2. Thanks, Kirks!
    I thought the scorpions were scarier than the zombies, but Georgina mentioned the ones in the Yucatan aren't very poisonous. Then I came across this article about that very thing. Now I'm no longer scared of zombies or scorpions.