Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Mexican time and Victoria weather

Last evening we could see our breath at a friend's backyard barbecue. In August! It's been that kind of "summer" here in Victoria. Never really warm; generally pretty cold. The thought of having a place to escape to in Merida somehow gives me insulation against the chill. I can go there in my mind and remember the heat and I just don't feel as cold.
Meanwhile, progress towards actual physical work on the Merida house is affected by a familiar delay: paperwork. Our lawyer has not yet received the fideicomiso and catastral documents which are needed by the architect, presumably to prove ownership and apply for building permits.  It has been more than four months since the purchase of the house was completed. I was surprised when the lawyer told me this was a normal period of time. In total I've spent eight months waiting for paperwork and bureaucratic processes, since it also took about four months to get a new survey and other documents needed to complete the purchase back in March.
If this was happening in Victoria I'd be pretty frantic by now. That's because if we'd bought a "cheap" fixer-upper in Victoria it would have cost about 10x as much, and the interest costs on a mortgage would be killing us while it sat empty. For a little while I was prodding the lawyer for updates on progress every week like clockwork, but I was clearly not actually helping anything from here, 3,000 miles away, and really just being a pest to the three people actually doing the work of obtaining the papers. So now, I just wait.
I believe the heat and the slower pace of Merida life is teaching me to relax and slow down, and I'm actually enjoying letting go of my compulsive busy-ness. Our friend Morley once suggested my tombstone might read "She got a lot done." Maybe we'll get to rewrite that, in time.

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