Friday, August 20, 2010

Hablando un poco

On the bright side, I finally got the details of a long-running Spanish conversation group here in Victoria and summoned the nerve to show up. I figured I'd just drop by the cafe where it meets, buy a coffee and check it out from a distance. But I recognized the parent of one of our kids' friends in the group, and went over to chat, and it was all so friendly and interesting I ended up staying and meeting a bunch of nice people. It was great to hear Spanish spoken so far from Mexico. I yakked away but felt a bit embarrassed by my mangling of the language. I only really know verbs in the present tense and I often fumble and stumble and use the wrong words for things, like vecino (neighbor) instead of vecindad (neighborhood). But I'm keen to have a chance to practise and improve, and The Victoria Conversational Spanish Group provides some more motivation to improve. 


  1. Hi Debbie.
    Thanks for posting about this group -- I had no idea. Who knows? We just might meet up there some day. I've been taking Spanish lessons off and on for a few years and dutifully listening to CDs in my car, but I need to practice speaking in real life much more.

    I can relate to the problems you talked about in the previous post about banking fees. They are so expensive. We have an account at Bancomer in PV, and our personal banker agreed -- after some convincing -- to deposit post dated cheques for us on a monthly basis. This works for us because we have monthly expenses in Mexico.

    Lee in Victoria

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for the suggestion on banking options. I had thought about something similar: opening an HSBC account in Canada for Mexico expenses and giving the property manager a debit card for it. I was told HSBC has no-fee bank machine withdrawals. I'm not sure how well it would work.
    Hope to see you at the Spanish group. Went again this week with two friends from work and I think they really enjoyed it too.