Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty pictures

Even though I haven't posted much lately I've been busy with Merida-related stuff. Writing a magazine article about people from our city (Victoria) buying, building and renovating homes in Mexico. Working on a website to advertise the house for rentals. And every week or so dreamy pictures show up in my inbox from Victor Cruz at Estilo Yucatan. It is way too much fun to moon over the plans and visualizations of our eventual renovation. I am oddly amused by the way our proposed sala is populated with attractive young people. We must get some of those too. By total coincidence, a couple of them even look like our real kids (though not the ones in this image). This front room is created by taking down the doorless wall that separates the entrance hall from the dark and dingy front bedroom. That bedroom was only accessible from the middle bedroom, and it was obviously created in an earlier renovation that chopped up a big front room. I'm more of a rustic than a modern type, but it's neat to see this treatment, and I like the floor lighting, even though I was thinking of unobtrusive sconces. What do you think?


  1. Hi Debbie.
    My husband and I live in Victoria and bought a place on the west coast of Mexico about 1.5 years ago. I found your blog by accident this past winter and have been tracking it with great interest ever since. Keep those posts coming!
    Lee B.

  2. Thank you Lee! How nice to connect with another Victoria couple following a similar path. I'd love to hear more about your place and your adventure.

  3. The Ponce house we rented had floor lighting. I can’t speak from a practicality point of view, since we were only there two weeks, but I loved it. They were on dimmers, so it was so nice to have the muted lighting in the rooms we weren’t using – kind of like upscale nightlights! Plus, it added an elegant/dramatic touch. We used them every night!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your feedback. The floor lights do seem glamorous and I like the idea of freeing up walls for art or just uncluttered space. Hope things are going well with your reno plans!