Friday, May 28, 2010

Architectural daydreaming

We are far away from Merida these days but I am frequently roaming the spaces in our empty house in my mind. It is made easy by the emailed architectural plans that Victor Cruz from Estilo  has been sending for our comments. Yes, we decided to get an architect's help rather than my usual approach of drawing up basic plans on my own, with the inevitable mistakes and miscalculations. I have to say I am thrilled that we did this. The solutions and options Victor proposes are things we would never have come up with on our own. Even so, his proposals are in keeping with my cheapskate minimalist approach to renovations. I've been sharing the drawings here and there, getting feedback, and basically having a great old time inhabiting these imaginary spaces. In one proposal, a wall is opened between the entrance hall and the dark, dingy front bedroom to create a new living room. The add-on bedroom at the back gets two pairs of doors that open onto the patio and the future pool. There's a charming kitchen island. Both plans have drawbacks (mostly to do with bathroom access), but they're beautiful.
Meanwhile, a persistent worry about the house has been largely relieved with the onset of the rains, because the house didn't flood. I am a bit of a worrier, and I kept thinking that the back patio, which is two steps up from the main house and covered in concrete, could be a problem. But the roof drainage seems to be working fine.

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  1. How exciting! I'm already envisioning the changes, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the final plan.