Sunday, March 28, 2010


What do you think happens if you put the stopper in the kitchen sink when the tap has a drip, then leave the place unattended for a few weeks, or maybe months? Yep, I had some squeegeeing to do after I picked up the key and got inside the gate at our new Merida house for the first time this morning. Doesn't seem like the tiles are damaged from the flooding, but we'll see how it looks after I purchase some cleaning supplies and get down to work on it tomorrow. Score one for tile floors. Back home this would have caused thousands of dollars of damage to carpets, wood floors, subflooring and whatever was below.
Anyway, things improved after that. Neighbors introduced themselves on their way past. Maggie came by with information on getting the big tree cut back and new locks, and helped sort through the mysteries of the status of the electrical and water accounts, and the property taxes, and how much cleaning and maintenance is needed on a house that's soon to be covered in construction dust. It's good to know there are straightforward answers to these types of challenges.
After that, several hours of reading and lazing around, avoiding the afternoon heat (I think I'm finally getting the hang of this) and an evening stroll to take in the scene in the Plaza Grande: great live music, the street full of people dancing in the languid tropical way, old men elegant in crisp white guayabera shirts and dress pants, lots of kids, everyone appearing to be enjoying themselves and each other's company, and the obligatory cheese-filled Marquesita, my new favourite street snack.
Not a bad way to live, I think.

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  1. Deb, can't wait to hear more about your magical Merida! You did it. How cool is that my friend!