Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great shots

The more I fart around trying to capture what I see with my little point-and-shoot camera, the more I appreciate the work of people who really know how to take great photos. These web albums of gorgeous shots of Merida, surrounding towns and other cities in Mexico popped up in my Google alerts yesterday and I felt I had to share them. They really capture the beauty of the place: Mexico-Yucatan 1, Mexico-Yucatan 2, Mexico-Colonial Heartland, Chuburna Puerto


  1. Using a point-n-shoot isn't all bad.

    >> Just 'zooom with your feet' = get closer.

    >> Choose one subject then fill the frame with only that or mostly that.

    >> Forget about trying to include everything.

    >> Often one small item, one small part of the scene stands in for the whole vista you see with your eyes. Like the palm tree on the beach. You cannot see the whole ocean, sky, beach, but the palm captures the feeling.

    >> Use angles, repetition, lines to add "motion" to the shot.

    Biggest tip: fill the frame.

    If you make note of my list, then view those photo albums in your links again, you can see what I mean.

    ENJOY! Your blog is fun to read!

    P.S. No one ever publicly posts the 500 lousy shots they took. Only the 20 great ones.

  2. Thanks for the great tips - and the compliment! I am already trying to put them to work."Zoom with your feet" is a great mantra.