Sunday, December 27, 2009

Waiting and daydreaming

It has been nearly two months since my offer was accepted on "our" house, but we're still in limbo without even a signed promesa de venta. A new survey had to be done and then wind its way through the land registry, and somewhere along the way I'm told a problem was found with the new survey so yet another was required. Now everything is shut down for the holidays so who knows when we'll get through this step and start making progress again towards actually purchasing the place. Back here in Victoria it is pretty cold. Hard frost on the roofs and roads and cars in the mornings. Images of the Yucatan help take the edge off the cold, though. Before my trip in October I looked for photos of the Ermita de Santa Isabel neighborhood where I was going to stay and couldn't find much, so I tried to take some to post myself. It's very pretty, with the buildings painted pastel colours and the cobbled streets. The overhead wires are relaid underground and the park next to the cathedral has free wifi - in the evenings it's full of children and adults sitting on benches with their laptops open. It's one of perhaps a dozen or so parks around the city with free wifi - most are far from the tourist zone and probably in neighborhoods where many people might not have the money for internet service in their homes. On Sunday morning the street from the cathedral to the broad Paseo Montejo are open to bicycle traffic only - very peaceful.
Anyway, here are some photos from around "La Ermita" to keep you warm.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great shots

The more I fart around trying to capture what I see with my little point-and-shoot camera, the more I appreciate the work of people who really know how to take great photos. These web albums of gorgeous shots of Merida, surrounding towns and other cities in Mexico popped up in my Google alerts yesterday and I felt I had to share them. They really capture the beauty of the place: Mexico-Yucatan 1, Mexico-Yucatan 2, Mexico-Colonial Heartland, Chuburna Puerto

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Daily Show goes to Merida

A very funny report from The Daily Show's correspondent, whose recent visit to Merida was all the buzz when I was there. I even met one person who was interviewed! If you're in Canada, check out this link. In the U.S. try It's the second clip from the November 30th show.