Sunday, November 22, 2009

While U wait

On Friday I heard the survey has been done on our possible house. Which means, I think, still more waiting for information to be distilled intro a report. Estimated time for completion was three weeks, but at least it's in progress.
Meanwhile I find myself wandering through the local Pier 1 and daydreaming about furnishing the house we don't yet own. Merida has a Pier 1 inside the Sears store, and it has some of the same inventory as the Victoria outlet, so I tell myself I'm being practical. In reality, though, we're a long way from having a place to even hang a hammock. 
Temperatures have cooled 10-20 degrees fahrenheit since I left and it has rained a lot. I think about the step down from the back garden into the dining room and worry about whether flooding is a possibility. I know, probably not. I'm probably confusing it with Vancouver Island, and Duncan, where salmon were spawning in the street this past week.

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