Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to the 'hood

Hard to believe I'm really here. The little house I'm renting is even cooler than I thought, though I mean that in the funky, hip sense of the word, not as a reference to climate. It is hot, but the fans and the afternoon breeze through the open doors do help. There are a couple of resident iguanas that cause a racket when they run along the metal roofing over the covered porch/storage area. And what a charming neighborhood. Some colourful renovated and restored houses and lots of original ones with the abuelitas standing in the doorway. Raul, the shopkeeper next door, had heard I was coming and called out to me as I was walking back to the house with my take-out barbecued chicken(more on that to come). I had been told he was really friendly and would help if I needed anything. Big welcome, introductions to his daughter(who bestowed a hug and cheek-peck) and son Carlos.
Now I am restored by the pollo asado from the place a block from here, and I'm ready to go find more coffee and explore the streets around here.
Here's someone else's blog post about the charms of Merida as well as some ruins we haven't yet seen. Pix to come. First, coffee.

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