Friday, October 2, 2009

There goes the neighborhood

Corporate Board Member magazine features Merida in its lineup of "Great Places for a Rich Retirement"

But seriously, I keep stumbling upon blogs by other people, regular folks even, fixing to move to Merida or thereabouts. You'd think there's a movement afoot. Today's other discovery is Moving to Merida. They've included a very handy guide on their blog about what to watch for when house-buying in Merida or the beach towns, salvaged from yet another Merida expats' guide that's now defunct.

Meanwhile I'm finally at the stage of lining up houses to see in Merida. I've been dreaming of a crumbling old high-ceilinged colonial project somewhere, but
Arturo Novelo with Mexico International sparked my interest in something newish in one of the lovely old neighborhoods. More of a decorating challenge than a renovating challenge.
What do you think? I'll be taking a vote as we work our way through the list.

13 days to go!

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