Sunday, October 25, 2009

The ex-pat connection

Saturday night. Just got back from the Yolisto "meetup" at La Playa de Chelem restaurant in the beach town of Chelem, east of Progreso. A great time with a very friendly bunch.

Finally I met some of the people whose musings and suggestions and stories of living in the Yucatan I have been following slavishly for months on . Putting names and faces to their Yolisto handles. They were from Chelem and Chuburna and Chixculub and Progreso and Merida. Quite a few - the majority? - are not retirement age, but work remotely. Chuck (from Winnipeg) manages online comment moderation services for news organizations including the CBC. Dan (from Toronto)works online. Randy (from Texas) is a programmer. Paul (from Texas) works for IBM. Katy estimates that 80-100 people from Canada and the U.S. live year-round in Chelem alone, along plus many many more during the winter.

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