Thursday, October 22, 2009

Counting cars

After several days of viewing houses there are a few that seem like possibilities - sometimes. Other times I am unsure. None are just right. They are either too small, too expensive, too noisy, too much work to handle, too far from the Zocalo, too close to bars or bus stations or the firemen's social club or the main market.  
Tonight after attending (as a guest) the gathering of the International Women's Club, I walked, then cycled, around the colonial home in Santiago that was at the top of our list so far. I quickly realized there was more car and bus traffic on the street than I originally thought. I waited and counted. There sure are a lot of buses going to Petronilla, wherever that neighborhood is, and this seems to be their route!
Cycled past a couple of other houses that are under consideration, though they have their own drawbacks. Quieter streets, but at the moment I'm just feeling kind of discouraged.
Anyway, after several days dealing with camera and photo uploading and editing challenges,  here are some of the best of the bunch so far. Let me know what you think.

Santiago Modern (Santiago's an old neighborhood just a few blocks west of the historic centre. Also known as Gringo Gulch.)
Santiago Midcentury
Santiago Colonial Restoration
Viva las Vigas

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