Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead displays and preparations are visible everywhere in Merida these days. Last night, cycling to dinner, I could see through open doors and windows  the altars set up in the front rooms of houses, with balloons and/or flowers and favourite objects and food arranged for the deceased family members. (Often there's a halloween display in another corner.) Today there was an elaborate display and performance at the Casa de Las Artesanias in Centro Merida. In this city you see women in the traditional Mayan clothing everywhere doing everyday things, but it was stunning to see so many gathered for this event, dressed in the most elaborate huipiles, performing and sitting by their Day of the Dead altars. Here are some photos. The Mayan version of the celebration is called Hanal Pichan which means "meal with the dead." Some of the altars are very elaborate.

Some are very simple.

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