Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Realty check

Okay, I checked my line of credit documentation and discovered I have less available cash than I thought to purchase a little place in Merida/the beach towns. Once again I'll be the bottomfeeder - even in a place where homes start at 1/10th the cost of the crappiest Victoria abode. This week I saw a likely prospect come up in the Merida listings for $20,000 US. It sold within days.
My question of the week is how best to make arrangements with realtors. I've read the horror stories: down payments absconded and spent, unsolvable title issues involving ejido (communal) land or complicated family ownerships. I've found in my previous house-hunting foray in Merida that realtors often can't get in to show houses that are listed by other companies. So how does one decide which realtor to engage, and whether to go with different realtors to see their company's listings? I understand relationships are important to doing business in Mexico, so how awkward or counterproductive would it be to view houses with more than one realtor? Will I be able to see all the houses in my price range if I don't work with more than one? These are the big questions this week.

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