Sunday, August 2, 2009

A place to stay

My big thrill this week was deciding on a place to rent for my two-week trip to Merida. Last visit we stayed in beautiful small hotels including Hotel Marionetas and Medio Mundo. This time I wanted to experience what it would (will) be like to live in the kind of small and basic house we could maybe afford to buy ourselves. A reality check.
There were several in the low to modest price range. A small, charming one bedroom casa and a gorgeous, colourful, elegant place both in the Santa Ana/Santiago area we got to know last time we were there. And this one in La Ermita.
We never even got to Ermita Santa Isabel last time, but heard a lot about it. A bit further from the main cathedral and park, on the other side of the somewhat grittier area around the bus stations. An up and coming area for expatriates, but not Gringo Gulch as some people call the Santiago neighborhood. I liked Santiago, but decided it's important to get to know other potential neighborhoods.
I think the owner won't mind my using these photo - free advertising!

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